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Voice UX Design for Apps & Brands

We're the first firm in Israel to Design Voice Interfaces.

Voice Design is a probably the most exciting & promising fields of User experience today! Our team at Wizard are so proud to design the future. 

Conversational apps enables users an emotional, natural  connection with applications and brands.
We design UX voice experiences and easy interactions (like voice search, actions or orders) for applications, whether conversational only or multi modal (voice and screen). 

We believe that soon every brand will have their own voice identity, just as they have a brand graphic identity. We create a voice persona that represent the core values of the brands and augment the customers' engagement.  

Our voice design methodology includes the analysis, design and evaluation of voice-controlled applications. In order to enable an intuitive and easy-to-use voice application, we understand the users, user cases and the nature of human communication. Wizard is a pioneer in the field of voice design and combines many years of strategy and UX design with specific experience and understanding in the voice domain.

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